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Welcome to the Archive:
Arcade and Pinball Machine Highlights
Indiana Jones Pinball Machine
Indiana Jones
Awesome Trilogy Thriller!
Arcade Legends Video Game
100+ Williams, Bally, & Midway Titles
All in One!
Star Wars Ep1 Pinball Machine
Star Wars Ep I
P2000 Holigram Animations

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Great Pinball Machines

Some pinball machines are more popular than others. It's not always based on how well the pinball plays, the pinball's theme and availability influence the ratings.

Top 10 Pinball Machines
Twilight Zone
The Addams Family
Cirqus Voltaire
Medieval Madness Indiana Jones TPA
Star Trek: TNG
Kings and Queens
Road Show
Creature Black Lagoon
Great Playing Pinballs
Lord of the Rings
Theatre of Magic
Capt. Fantastic
The Shadow
High Speed
Scared Stiff
Eight Ball Deluxe
Haunted House

Pinball Machine

Share your Pinball Machine Memories with your Family

Asheville North Carolina a new pinball arcade - Just opened up and it a great time to go in and check out the current line up of newer pinball machines and eletro-mechanical pinball machines all the way back to early flipper pinball machines. They are located downtown actross from the Grove Arcade building. More info:

The Asheville Pinball Museam has 27 pinball machines on site. Some noteable highlights are The early solid state Atari Superman, Hyperball, Bobby Orr, The Simpsons, Addams Family, Black Hole, and many more. The Asheville pinball museam is really set up for pinball and you can enjoy delving seeply into your favorite machine - it's pay at the door and the games are set to free play.
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